Our canvas bags are made of a heavy weight cotton canvas. The canvas is PU coated so the cotton is waterproof and will not be heavily bleached by sunlight although we recommend not to leave in direct sunlight for overly exposed periods of time. Dirt can be removed with a moistened sponge and some mild soap. Over time if you want to make the bag more resistant to dirt and water you can treat it with a product made specifically to protect cotton products. 


Our leather like all natural leathers will scratch and age in time giving it imperfections and adding character. If your bag has become wet please dry it at room temperature and not next to a radiator or intense heat. If the leather is dirty wipe it gently with a moistened sponge and some mild soap do not rub hard and only clean if necessary. To make the bag even more resistant to water and dirt you can apply extra oils but please be aware this will slightly darken the colour of the leather and change the touch. Always try this first on a small area where its hard to see such as the underneath of the bag. If you don't want to add oils yourself and need a professional opinion to keep your bag in original condition we advice visiting a local cobblers who can recommend the correct products and care especially for the bottom of the bag which carries the most use.