5 Vegetable Tan Leather Holdalls for 2022

Leather has been in use for centuries, irrespective of the region or continent. Leather is made from the hide of animals like cows, buffaloes, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, goats, sheep, horses, and even ostriches. 

Different items are made from the skin of different animals. From bags to belts, footwear, jackets, and upholstery, the animal hide is chosen based on various factors like age, durability, texture, etc. The price of the leather bag depends on the type of hide used and the tanning process, among other things. 

Today, we’ll discuss how vegetable tan leather is back in demand by leather lovers and know how it makes vegetable tanned leather better than the rest.

 What's the Procedure of Vegetable Tan Leather?

Tanning is the process where the animal hide is treated, processed, and converted into leather. This leather is then used to stitch bags, purses, upholstery, saddles, etc. When natural materials like tree bark are used in the tanning process, it is called vegetable tanning. 

Do you know that vegetable tanning is the oldest of methods? It dates back to 6000 BC and is an organic method that doesn’t use any chemicals. 

While oak, chestnut, and mimosa are popular choices to remove tannins, more than a hundred varieties of trees and plants have been successfully used to process animal hide. 

Step 1: The animal hide is prepared for tanning. It is dehydrated in the sun for a couple of days, and the hair is removed. Then hide is into cut into batches. 

Step 2: The batches are put into huge vats with tannins from tree barks. They are soaked for two weeks in this tanning liquor. During the soaking period, the hides are monitored and turned to soak in the liquid thoroughly. Once done, they are drained of the excess moisture and shaved to the correct thickness. 

Step 3: The hides need to be dyed. They are put into large drum-like structures that rotate in the air. The hides are then waxed, dried, and staked to soften up a bit. 

Step 4: In the final stage, the hide is sprayed with sealants and wax for extra protection and durability. 

 Why are Vegetable Tanned Leather Bags Better? 

The process of vegetable tanning is time-consuming and labor-intensive. With an increasing demand for leather, many tanneries have shifted to chemical-based tanning, which is faster and easier. It is also less costly. 

However, due to excessive use of heavy metal minerals, the leather doesn’t have the same quality and smell as the vegetable-tanned ones. Also, the environment is at a greater risk. 

Given a choice, many of us would choose leather bags made using natural tanning methods, right? Who’d want to carry something that has been soaked and processed in harsh chemicals? 

Vegetable-tanned leather bags are better for the following reasons-

  • The tanning process is traditional and ancient 
  • The leather processed by vegetable tanning is thick and durable 
  • The texture feels natural 
  • The leather has a nice and earthy scent 
  • Vegetable-tanned leather ages wonderfully well 
  • It develops Patina

Cool, right? But... wait! What is Patina?

Patina is the way leather ages over time. The oils released by our skin and other materials in the environment are absorbed by the leather. This happens when we carry the bags with us. The properties of raw leather start to change, and it changes color from pale tan to brown. The exact shade of brown depends on how well we take care of the leather bag. Patina is the reason why leather loves opt for vegetable tanned bags instead of chrome tanning. 

 What Makes Vegetable-Tanned Leather Different?

Vegetable-tanned leather can be easily identified by its quality and texture. The edges of the leather are turned (burnished) to increase the durability of the material. It also lasts for a long, long time, at least for a few decades. And with each passing year, the leather gets softer, shinier, and lovelier. 

Also, vegetable-tanned leather is not as easily available as chrome-tanned variants. The industry makes about 8-10% of vegetable tanned leather products. 

The leather bag will appear stiff at first and then softens as the leather ages gracefully. Vegetable-tanned leather is handcrafted by skilled workers instead of being mass-produced using harsh chemicals. Nothing beats the beauty of a handcrafted bag, isn’t it? 

Of course, the biggest difference is that you could look at a vegetable-tanned leather bag and know it is the best quality leather you’ve ever laid your eyes on. We won’t be surprised if you want to keep staring at it. Vegetable-tanned leather bags are rather addictive because they show you what top quality feels like.  

Naturally, vegetable-tanned leather is expensive and worth every penny you spend on it. Since it can last for decades, you’ll be making a lifetime investment in the leather bag. 

Here’s a small tip to make your vegetable tanned leather turn into a really dark shade over time. Use a natural leather balm on it and expose it to the sun (not too much, though). 

Let’s quickly look at the top 5 vegetable tan leather holdalls for 2021.

Veg tanned holdall

 Winchester Holdall– Large

What do you think of a smooth buffalo leather holdall with 60L capacity? In a rich shade of milk chocolate brown, the holdall comes with a separate shoe compartment, internal pockets for wallet and mobile phones, and a matching luggage tag. Being handcrafted and made of the finest vegetable tan leather, the holdall is water repellent and gets better with age. It’s the perfect size for a weekend trip. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 35 x 60 x 25cm 
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder straps
  • Cotton blend lining with leather trim 
  • Metal YKK zippers
  • Padded laptop pocket (fits up to 15” Mac)
  • Phone and wallet internal pockets 
  • Large internal pocket with zipper
  • Arrives in a cotton dust bag (specially designed by the company)

What Users Say: 

  • Looks exquisite and smooth to touch 
  • It’s huge, well-made, and can fit all my stuff 
  • Can see it’ll last for a long time 

 Winchester Holdall– Medium

Look at this lovely handcrafted buffalo tan leather holdall, a great travel companion for a day/ night trip. Being approved as a carry-on size, you can take this just about anywhere. It has a 40L capacity and is water repellent. The leather holdall comes with a protective cotton dust bag. The natural finish enhances the beauty of the holdall and attracts everyone around you. If you love to flaunt your style, this one is for you. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 35 x 50 x 22cm 
  • Lined with cotton blend and leather trim 
  • Strong and soft carrying handles attached with quality metal rings
  • Internal pocket with zipper (large size)
  • Internal pockets from mobile phone and wallet
  • Pen holders
  • Padded laptop pocket (fits up to 13” Mac)
  • High-quality YKK zipper (metal)

What Users Say: 

  • Excellent product quality 
  • The color looks better in real life 
  • Great size for an overnight stay

 Somerset Holdall Leather– Large

How do you know that a leather bag is popular? For us, it’s when the bag goes out of stock soon after it’s available for purchase. Would you like to own something like that? The Somerset holdall has been designed for weekend travel. It is a blend of rustic design and elegance, thanks to robust buffalo leather with a wax finish. In a shade of dark brown, the 50-55 L capacity holdall is water repellent and has been approved for carry-on. Keep an eye out for the Somerset holdall, or better yet, pre-order today. The company will deliver the holdall in its special cotton dust bag. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 36 x 55 x 25cm 
  • A padded laptop pocket sufficient for a 15” Macbook Pro
  • Internal pockets from mobile phone, wallet
  • Pen holders
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder straps 
  • Cotton lining with leather trims for extra strength and durability 

What Users Say: 

  • The finish is amazing
  • Spacious and smells like pure leather 
  • Perfect stitching and a must-have for every traveller 

 Somerset Holdall Leather- Medium

There’s something about handcrafted leather bags made of the finest quality buffalo hide, is there? The texture, the feel, and the appearance are just too good to ignore. We are talking about the Somerset Holdall medium-sized leather bag that’s great for an overnight stay. With wax finish and water-repelling properties, the holdall is desired by many leather lovers. Pre-order your bag before it goes out of stock again.

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 35 x 50 x 22cm
  • 38-42L capacity 
  • Padded laptop pocket (fits up to 13” Mac)
  • Internal pockets for wallet and phone 
  • Quality YKK metal zippers 
  • Cotton polyester blend lining with leather trims 

What Users Say: 

  • Fantastic price for the product 
  • Lots of space 
  • Great stitching, flexible and thick leather 

 Bristol Barrel Holdall- Large

Nothing like a full-grain leather bag, handcrafted in a size that has been requested by several customers, is there? The Bristol Barrel holdall comes with 50L capacity and has been designed in the vintage style. It has adjustable and removable shoulder straps and two neatly stitched cloth carrying handles. Approved as a carry-on bag, this one ages gracefully and looks even better as it gets old. The Bristol Barrel is a perfect choice for weekend getaways. 

 Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 35 x 55 x 25cm 
  • Lined in cotton with leather trim 
  • Open pockets on either end of the bag
  • Internal zip pocket (large) 
  • Internal leather pockets for phone and wallet 

What Users Say: 

  • Excellent quality and great size 
  • Quick delivery by the company 
  • Smart-looking product 


Don’t wait any longer, folks! These lovely vegetable tanned leather bags have been crafted with love and attention to detail. Take your pick and order right away. 

Happy travelling!