The Commuter's Backpack

Never before has biking to work been more popular and if you're heading back to the office it's worth considering as an option. Not only is cycling better for the environment but also fantastic for both mental and physical health and kinder on your wallet too. Cyclescheme estimates a saving of around £3000 a year if you cycle to work every day. Getting on your bike is a great way to start the day. Research has shown that those who exercise regularly outperform colleagues who don’t, which is good for you (and good for your boss). As well as a healthy start to the day, you can also enjoy a smug feeling when you're sat at your desk, coffee in hand, ready to start work whilst your co-workers rush in, harassed because the train was running late.

A consideration to make, if cycling to work is a viable option, is what bag to choose? There are a multitude of backpacks available on the market but what is the best backpack to commute to work with? If you're after one that can easily store everything you need to take to the office but you also want it to turn heads for the right reason then you'll be pleased to know that we've designed just that. The "Rider Backpack" is a black leather laptop backpack for the style-conscious commuter. It pairs well with a suit and is suitable for active use, allowing you to bike to work knowing it's the perfect accessory.

The Rider Backpack Waxed Canvas Black


For the rain or shine commuter.

Regardless of what the weather is doing, we've got you covered. The Rider backpack is waterproof and durable to keep all your belongings dry; avoiding a soggy lunch and unpresentable paperwork. With most people transporting laptops to and from work you'll need a rucksack with a laptop compartment. The rider backpack is a well-padded bag which keeps your laptop safe and cushioned. It also features a hidden anti-theft document zip pocket at the back for peace of mind; making it the ultimate commuter backpack.




For the Style conscious commuter.

Although comfort is key, we believe it’s important to retain an element of style on your daily commute. Made using waxed canvas with a leather trim, the Rider Backpack looks the part whilst maintaining practicality. Designed to look smart and presentable at the office, whilst keeping your laptop and contents safe on your ride to work from the elements. This black leather laptop backpack is fashion-focused yet designed for purpose.




For the organised commuter:

A commuter’s rucksack needs to be practical and well organised – The rider backpack has inner pockets and sleeves with a slim external pocket. A generous capacity of 12 litres means once your digital gadgets are safely packed away there will still be space for your lunchbox, notebook and gym wear. This leather rucksack with a laptop compartment is designed to specifically protect a 13-15 inch laptop. The interior has a soft and scratch-proof liner so all electrical items are safe from marks and damage as you bike to work.


The Rider Backpack: Made for Commuting

Available in Black and Grey Waxed Canvas