The Staycation Packing Guide: pack clever, not light

Forbes and Lewis staycation weekend bag

One of the great things with a staycation is unlimited baggage allowance with no weight restrictions and all the liquids you can carry! This year’s vacation might not have gone to plan but it’s safe to say the United Kingdom is undoubtedly a beautiful place to explore.

There are the quintessential villages of the Cotswolds, the breath-taking beaches of the British Caribbean (The Cornish coast) and the hills of the Scottish Highlands. We are blessed that the UK is rich in natural treasures and unique holiday destinations.

Knowing what to pack in your travel bag for a British weekend getaway can be a tricky task. You need to be prepared with some staycation essentials so that you are ready for whatever the countryside (and the British weather!) throws your way. So the question is, what should you pack for a staycation in the UK?



1) Always plan for the unexpected.

Even though us British are obsessed with the weather, it regularly catches you by surprise. So when asking, "what to pack for a weekend away?", always pack a light raincoat. You may well need to protect yourself from unanticipated English showers, even when glorious sunshine is forecasted! Or better still a weatherproof brolly. They are always a good item to invest in and can be trusted to fight off the rain and wind, whilst being small enough to pack away in your holdall.




2) Sturdy shoes.

You never know when you may want to venture off course to see the beautiful British countryside. But don’t let the mud get in your way. Pack something dry, comfy and waterproof if you can.

Along with your chosen durable shoe, you will want a comfy yet stylish trainer that you can wear for the entire weekend. A shoe that compliments your outfit whether you are dressing up or going casual. It's not worth taking if it fails to complement at least 2 sets of clothes.

Tip: Never take new shoes on a weekend away. You don’t want your feet to hurt when you have so much to see and do. Wear them in gradually before your weekend away as even the most expensive shoe can rub and blister your feet.




3) Always pack a jumper

One jumper is recommended for any trip. No matter the season, or destination, It always gets chilly on an evening and a long sleeve jumper will go a long way keeping you toasty and warm.



Forbes_and_Lewis_staycation_mens fashion

4) Interchangeable outfits.

When thinking about what clothes to pack, pick those you can swap and rotate without people thinking you are wearing the same outfit twice. How many outfits are too many? Lugging a heavy bag for the whole weekend is not ideal, but you also want to be best prepared to do anything on your travels. See our 7 steps for an interchangeable wardrobe to get the most out of just a few pieces of clothing.



Vintage leather holdall

5) Pick the right bag.

A trusted holdall, unlike a suitcase, is functional and easier to find things when you are on the go. They are more convenient for car journeys as you can drop it on the back seat and go.

A tough, durable and waterproof bag is derogatory. You want to be able to go anywhere and do anything. It will need good pockets, to keep organised at minimal effort. You don’t want to be pulling your underwear out when reaching for your bank card at the hotel desk. Our vintage leather holdalls are designed to keep you prepared and organised for your weekend travels.

Carrying a good quality rucksack during the day is also a must if you want to get the most out of your trip. Picking the right bag will enable you to hold your necessities with style. Look for a waterproof rucksack with easy access and plenty of pockets.

Tip: Pack a picnic in a rucksack and find a breathtaking spot. It will be a lunch you'll never forget.



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6) Sunglasses

They not only make you look good but offer critical UV protection. We might not be travelling to Ibiza this summer, but sunglasses are still essential for a classic British holiday. It’s one of those items we are most likely to forget when travelling, so make sure they are the first things you pack.



Forbes_and_Lewis_staycation_mens fashion

7) Extra pair of socks

If you plan to go on a long walk, packing an extra pair of socks will always come in handy. If you get caught out in the rain or have hot sweaty feet, you'll have a safe dry pair to fall back on. They will keep you warm at night and it feels great to pull on a fresh pair after a day out in the countryside.

Tip: place these in your shoes, to make more room in your holdall.