9 Things To Look For When Buying A Leather Holdall

Leather Holdall Functionality

Suitcases can seem impractical for short getaways or long weekends. Who wants to deal with a huge, bulky carry-on when you don't need to carry anything or are just a short drive or train ride away from your destination—especially if your trip requires multiple modes of transportation?

Introducing weekender and duffle pack, aka. Holdall. They're perfect travel partners for going on short trips because they're more rugged than a gym bag and easier to get into cramped compartments than a hard case. They're still much more fashionable than a bulky backpack.

However, there are a few factors to remember when hunting for the right one. So, before you spend your money, here's what to look for when selecting the right bag for you.

Leather Duffles vs. Leather Weekenders

Leather Weekender

The origins of the duffle bag can be traced back to the Belgian city of Duffel, where weavers produced a tough canvas fabric that became popular with the standard-issue cylindrical bags carried by soldiers. The cylindrical shape of the pack, as well as the carrying belts, distinguish it.

Weekenders are more rectangular in form and usually smaller in size, wide enough to accommodate a day's worth of clothes and toiletries — thus the label — but lightweight enough to comfortably stow away.

The difference between a duffel and a weekender bag is primarily determined by how much luggage you want to carry, although the two words are generally interchangeable.

Given the vast array of leather goods on the market, today finding the right leather holdalls can be a challenging task. With too many considerations to consider, such as scale, design, and feature, as well as price, color, and finish, the choices can be daunting.

1. Functionality

Buying Leather Holdall in UK

First and foremost, a bag exists to provide the wearer with a convenient storage option when they are on the move. A duffle bag can be used mostly for travel purposes or as a gym bag, but it’s up to your convenience and choice. The overall size of the bag as important,  as the extra features like detachable shoulder belts, handy side pockets, hidden inner compartments, or customizable buckles for extra protection. These characteristics are particularly important when selecting a holdall for a specific reason, for example, The Winchester Holdall is ideal for overnight vacations and several nights away because it has a dedicated shoe compartment and luggage tag. So you can fly in style.

2. Size

Small Leather Holdall

The size of a leather bag is entirely determined by its intended use and personal choice. The Winchester Holdall - Large is ideal for weekend getaways and multi-night stays. The Winchester Holdall - Medium, on the other hand, is ideal for day trips and overnight stays.

The measurements of each Leather holdalls are explicitly outlined to help in the selecting process, so buyers can have a better picture of the scale of their desired design before buying. Like, Winchester Holdall - Large is 60 L capacity and is perfect for 15’’ Mac whereas, Winchester Holdall - Medium is 40 L and designed for 13'' Mac.

3. Price

Leather has traditionally enjoyed high premiums as one of the world's most sought-after textiles. The price of any leather product is influenced by factors such as quality, finish, and scale.

4. Longevity

Without a doubt, the expertly made bags are due entirely to the high quality of the leather. Customers should be confident in the knowledge that their holdall can last along with heavy use, as I can attest. Naturally, the natural suppleness of the leather can grow an aged appearance over time, giving the leather an inimitable antique look that will never go out of style.

5. Style

Styles of Leather Holdall

Of course, the style of any given bag is a very personal preference. The vintage-loving consumer may choose the classic style, while the fashion-forward customer may be drawn to the modern to complete their daily look. Customers can be confident that all bags are produced with an emphasis on elegant design and robust sophistication in mind.

6. Finish

The consistency and texture of the leather should always be the primary consideration when selecting a holdall. Since no two cuts of leather are ever the same, the plain, minimalist concept that underpins each duffle ensures that each customer receives a one-of-a-kind product.

However, customers are advised to care for their Leather holdall on a daily basis by using a dry cloth to extract dust or, alternatively, to invest in a professional cleaning agent for further protection because leather is an organic material.

7. Strength

Holdall Durable

Each bag is designed to withstand repeated use and daily wear and tear. But, you must check the sturdiness of the leather handles and detachable shoulder straps which will ensure that the duffle bags are long-lasting and tough.

8. Colour

Tanned Leather Holdall

Leather bags come in a variety of colors, enabling shoppers to show their individuality while also finding an item that will match their wardrobe. Classic neutrals like naturally tanned, sleek mahogany, traditional retro brown are the best to choose from.

9. Weight

Duffel bag for Flights

Any flight only makes cabin-sized passengers up to a certain weight. You can't just show up with a large leather holdall and wish for the best. The amount of weight required per passenger is restricted. Most airlines restrict you to 18kgs of cabin-sized luggage per flight. You need not pack your holdall any heavier. A big duffel bag can hold a lot more, but don't take the chance. It's safer if you stick to the regular airline luggage allowance of 18kg.

Your travel bag MUST fit in the plane's overhead compartment or underneath your seat. The airline allows a certain amount of space for each passenger. Just sure you don't have any heavy bags with you.