6 Full Grain Leather Holdalls for Men

Whether it is going to the office or a weekend away, traveling in style is a luxury in itself. For those of us with discriminating tastes, a holdall bag often is the ideal travel companion. You are most likely to find only two types of holdalls- leather and canvas. The former is the preferred choice among those that want durability and style.

Leather holdalls come in all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of options and features. Holdalls no matter how large are quite convenient for long trips as well as daily use. The leather ensures long use for decades if you maintain it well. The vintage appearance of leather holdall makes them a collectible item among aficionados.

As with all luggages, practicality is always crucial. Holdalls as the name suggests are meant to hold pretty much everything you'll need for your trip. Many holdalls have convenient pockets for various accessories and gadgets such as laptops.

What is full Grain Leather?

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain leather is the highest quality of leather obtained from hides. It is the thickest and most durable kind of leather that exists and is the skin of any animal.

The most noticeable feature of full grain leather is the rich texture of the leather. The texture of the leather is not the result of any tanning process but rather the natural grain of the hide.

Why Choose Full Grain Leather for Holdall?

Leather holdalls while very fashionable also serve the vital purpose of being durable. Holdall's especially leather ones are meant to survive the harshest of conditions. Full Grain Leather to this end serves as the ideal material.

The natural toughness of the leather allows durability in the harshest of conditions. Its water-resistant nature makes full grain leather a great choice for holdalls. The texture of full grain leather is unique.

The bold and intricate patterns are the natural texture of the skin once the hair is removed. Further tanning and polishing will bring out the rich texture that is bound to last for decades.

How Long Does Full Grain Leather Last?

Full Grain is the longest lasting of any leather irrespective of the hide. As a matter of fact, its durability is greater than any other fabric known to humans. Leather in general though requires regular maintenance.

When maintained full grain leather products can last for decades. In some cases, full grain leather has been known to last for over a century.

6 Best Full Grain Holdalls for Men

1. Somerset Holdall Leather- Large

Full grain leather duffel

This is the bag of choice for those of you looking for a weekend getaway with all your precious belongings. The buffalo leather used in this holdall offers the ideal blend of toughness and comfort.

The light weight of the bag is a desirable feature that most of you will appreciate. The bag features a rich wax coating to make it durable in all weather. The inner lining features a smooth cotton fabric which allows many storage options.

To serve the modern-day traveler, this holdall features a padded laptop pocket. Pockets are also available for other assorted items such as phones and wallets. Despite the features and the large dimensions, this bag is carry-on approved.


2. Winchester Holdall- Large

Full Grain Holdall For Men

If you are gearing up for a long trip and don't want to compromise on style then this is your travel companion. This 60L tan brown leather holdall has features to suit all your needs. You can fit all your work essentials without sacrificing space for actual essentials.

This masterpiece is handcrafted from smooth buffalo leather which ages like fine wine. The subtle grain accents across this holdall only add to its timeless charm. The adjustable and removable matching-leather shoulder strap makes travel a breeze.

The separate shoe compartment allows carrying that extra pair without sacrificing space.

3. Winchester Holdall-Medium

Full Grain Duffle UK

This carry-on approved holdall is the compact version of its larger counterpart. Short trips are quite convenient with this buffalo leather bag. The 40 L interior is spacious enough to accommodate all essential items for a brief stay. You can also fit a 13" laptop in the padded compartment.

The Winchester medium holdall is quite easy to carry around as well. The convenient straps are compact enough to hold like a briefcase. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap adds to the convenience.

4. Bristol Barrel Holdall-Medium

Mens full grain Leather Holdall

Rustic yet elegant, this holdall is optimized for both daily city use and leisure travel. The rich seasoned grain leather used here is quite exquisite. The grains on the leather surface add tons of character to the holdall.

Although quite compact, this bag can accommodate quite a few things. There are pockets dedicated to storing small electronic gadgets as well. For easy access to certain essential items, there are a couple of open pockets on either side.

The rustic-looking leather on this bag is bound to develop a great patina with regular use.

5. Somerset Holdall Leather- Medium

Leather Holdall For Men In UK

The Somerset Holdall reflects the simplicity of the English countryside that inspired the design. This holdall is quite spacious despite the compact size. The large internal zip pocket features fine cotton-polyester fabric lining.

You can place laptops that are 13" or smaller in the padded pocket. Ample space is also available for smaller gadgets like phones and hard drives.

This holdall is carry-on approved for your travel convenience. The shoulder straps are both adjustable and removable. And the water-resistant wax finish ensures that your luggage stays dry.

6. Bristol Barrel Holdall-Large

Leather Duffle Full Grain UK

This vintage Barrel-shaped holdall is perfect for a long leisure getaway. The Bristol Barrell is a rustic-looking travel companion that redefines style. The full-grain leather is quite unique and is bound to stand out everywhere.

With a 50 L spacious interior, you no longer have to worry about choosing between your toothbrush and undergarments. The thick fabric handles ensure comfort while carrying. You can also use the removable shoulder strap during long walks.