6 Best men's leather weekend bag in the UK (2023 Updated)

As much as we'd all like to be flying off on lavish holidays for ten days at a time, the average British person only has time for one or two significant holidays each year. On the other hand, what about the weekends? Those are things we can accomplish.

 Even the most ardent over-packers would agree that nothing seems sillier than lugging your roll-aboard along on a 48-hour vacation.

Enter the weekender, the unsung workhorse of every traveler's baggage collection. 

The ideal choice is not too large (or it will weigh you down) or too small (or you won't be able to fit extra shoes), durable enough so that you won't have to baby it, and fashionable enough that you'll take pride hauling it to beach cottages, hillside cabins, and wherever else your weekend journeys take you.

We've compiled a list of the finest weekend bags for a variety of budgets and interests. Continue reading to find out where you should spend your next weekend.

When looking for a weekender, there are a few characteristics to look for that will make traveling much easier. A separate shoe compartment, for example, is a useful feature that guarantees simplicity while holding the total of your stuff tidy. 

Similarly, many weekenders and duffel bags serve as garment bags, allowing you to transport a suit or other formal clothing without creases. 

Because they're more robust than a gym bag and simpler to slip into confined compartments than a hard case, they're ideal travel companions for traveling on short excursions. They're still a lot more stylish than a big backpack.

Weekender, Overnight Bags, and Duffle Bags- An example misnomer?

Weekender bags, overnight bags, and duffle bags are all terms for the same type of bag.

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated, you might wonder?

In general, these terms refer to a soft-sided bag with handles and a removable strap that has become a popular choice for frequent travelers, including workers, students, and tourists.

While these were once solid green cylindrical bags, they now come in a variety of shapes and colors. The modern weekender bag has evolved into a more refined version of its duffle bag forefathers.

Do you want to learn more about these timeless marvels? Let's get started!

The History Of Duffel Bags

The modern duffle bag can be traced back to the early twentieth century. Duffle bags, on the other hand, have a much older history.

These bags get their name from the type of cotton used, which dates back to the late 17th century in Belgium, in a town called Duffel.

This fabric was so tough that it was used on ships in which the capacity to endure wind gusts was critical. Any fabric leftover from the ships' construction was turned into straightforward bags for mariners to carry their possessions in.

In the nineteenth century, this thick and sturdy cotton fabric was used for outfits that had to withstand extreme elements, such as Antarctic expeditions.

Given how hard and reasonably priced the material was, the armed forces fell in love with duffle cotton fabric for bags. It can withstand a lot of abuse and still last a long time. Initially, British and American military personnel used duffle bags, followed by the rest of the globe.

A surplus of military duffle bags found their way into military surplus stores, where they were purchased by people ranging from California to Australia, including surfers.

From thereon, the duffel bag became a style choice, gaining appeal through the decades and centuries.

Duffle bags are now popular among everyone from high-powered CEOs to blue-collar employees as a convenient method to transport their stuff.

Why Are There Multiple Names for a Duffle Bag?

What began as a single term to designate this style of bag has now evolved into several distinct names for the same bag.

What is the reason behind this? Is there a distinction between a weekender bag and an overnight bag? Is a duffle bag distinct from either of these?

The extra titles for basically the same bag arose as a result of a few differences from the original duffle bag. When you think of a duffle bag, you probably see a cylindrical canvas bag with straps. 

When a bag possesses these characteristics, it is easy to identify it as a duffle bag. But what if there are additional accessories and various materials used?

  • Weekender Bag:

The Weekender Bag is a term used to describe a duffel bag that is intended for use on short-term travels, such as a weekend break. Weekender bags can be regarded as flexible pieces of baggage in addition to having a room (which duffle bags also give) for a long journey. 

The functional design includes not just handles but also a shoulder strap. When flying, you may take it as a carry-on simply grabbing the handles and walking out of the airport. You may also wear it over your shoulder if you need your hands free to do other things.

Aside from these design features, there is also a wide range of styles, colors, and materials.

Canvas, leather, and polyester are the most common materials utilized. The natural fabrics are part of the appeal of duffle bags, which are similar to weekend bags. The internal synthetic polyester lining also serves a functional purpose. It protects the interior of the bag from being disturbed by the rougher cotton canvas of the bag. It also aids in keeping the inside clean.

  • Overnight Bag:

    The Overnight Bag is, as the name implies, a bag that is appropriate for carrying with you on an overnight journey. This implies it may be somewhat smaller than a weekender bag, but yet large enough to carry all of your stuff if you were to spend the night elsewhere.
    An overnight bag isn't only for one-night stays. You may bring it to the gym as well as the office. Its medium size makes it ideal for carrying your usual items, whether for work, pleasure, or exercise.

  • Duffle Bag:

    Duffle bags make excellent carry-on and travel bags because of their soft exterior, which can be squished down to suit certain airline baggage limitations. Because of its tough and robust surface, it can even withstand being thrown around if necessary.
    These bags are spacious enough that there always seems to be enough for a few extra items that you might wish to bring with you or bring back home. The duffle bag's flexible and timeless appearance has helped solidify it as a bag that is as popular as ever, for both everyday usage and short-trip travel. It is lightweight and portable, and it can withstand the battering.

What makes a perfect Weekend Leather Bag?

Some important qualities are required for a bag to be classified as a weekender, overnighter, or duffel bag.

You'll find them on all weekender bag varieties, and if you don't, it's not a real weekender bag. The following are the essential traits to keep an eye out for:

  • Functionality:

    To begin with, a bag exists to give the user a convenient storage alternative while on the go. A duffle bag may be used for travel or as a gym bag, depending on your needs and preferences.
    The overall size of the bag is just as significant as the added features such as detachable shoulder belts, convenient side pockets, secret inside compartments, or adjustable buckles for additional protection.
    These features are especially crucial when choosing a holdall for a specific purpose, such as The Winchester Holdall, which includes a designated shoe pocket and baggage tag and is great for overnight excursions and multiple nights away. As a result, you'll be able to fly in luxury.

  • Size:

    A leather bag's size is totally decided by its intended purpose and personal preference. The Winchester Holdall - Large is great for weekend trips and extended visits. In contrast, the Winchester Holdall - Medium is suitable for day excursions and overnight stays.
    Each Leather holdalls' measurements are precisely specified to aid in the selection process, so purchasers may have a better idea of the magnitude of their chosen design before purchasing. For example, the Winchester Holdall - Large has a capacity of 60 L and is ideal for a 15" Mac, whilst the Winchester Holdall - Medium has a capacity of 40 L and is intended for a 13" Mac.

  • Price:

    Leather has long commanded high prices as one of the world's most valuable fabrics. Quality, finish, and size all have an impact on the pricing of any leather product.

  • Longevity:

    Without a doubt, the perfectly crafted bags are fully attributable to the superior quality of the leather. Customers should be assured that their holdall will withstand extensive usage, as I can verify. Naturally, the leather's innate suppleness may develop an aged appearance with time, giving the leather an unmistakable antique aspect that will never go out of style.

  • Style:

    Of course, the style of any individual bag is entirely subjective. The vintage-loving customer may like the traditional style, but the fashion-conscious client may prefer the modern to complement their everyday outfit. Customers can be certain that all bags are made with an emphasis on exquisite design and strong sophistication in mind.

  • Finish:

    When choosing a holdall, the consistency and feel of the leather should always be the first priority. Because no two leather cuts are the same and, the simple, basic philosophy that drives each duffle assures that each buyer receives an exclusive product.
    Because leather is an organic material, consumers are suggested to care for their Leather holdall on a regular basis using a dry cloth to eliminate dust or, optionally, to engage in a skilled cleaning solution for additional prevention.

  • Strength:

    Each bag is made to resist frequent use as well as regular wear and tear. However, you must inspect the robustness of the leather handles and removable shoulder straps to guarantee that the duffle bags are durable and long-lasting.

  • Colour:

    Leather bags are available in a number of hues, allowing customers to express their personality while also selecting an item that will complement their clothing. Classic neutrals like naturally tanned, elegant mahogany, and conventional vintage brown are the finest options.

  • Weight:

    Any flight can only accommodate cabin-sized passengers up to a particular weight. You can't just arrive with a giant leather holdall and hope for the best. The amount of load allowed per passenger is limited. Most airlines limit cabin-sized bags to 18kg for each journey. You don't need to load your holdall any more densely.
    It's best to keep to the standard airline baggage allowance of 18kg.
    Your carry-on luggage MUST fit in the overhead bin or underneath your seat. Each passenger is allotted a particular amount of space by the airline. Just make sure you're not carrying any large stuff.

Weekender bag AKA Last Minute Getaway Bag.

The travel bag is an excellent companion for both last-minute getaways and daily excursions. One of the primary benefits of travel bags is that they frequently include a removable strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder or over your neck.

This enables for more uniform weight distribution and, as a result, greater comfort. Because of the strengthened handles, you may carry your bag by hand if it is not overloaded.

In terms of organization, the travel bag has a fairly large primary storage space. You may either keep your stuff on the go or invest in storage cubes, which are frequently affordable but quite useful for organizing your trips.

Can you use a weekender bag as carry-on luggage in Flights?

We see it in movies and TV shows all the time: the travel bag is a must-have in airports and an appropriate carry-on backpack (along with more traditional leather backpacks) for all sorts of travels due to its many forms and capabilities.

We recommend this item as a carry-on bag, as long as it fits within the dimensions of the airline because it is practical, light, and easy to reach. You can simply keep your computer, personal items, and transportation papers in it, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.

When it comes to limitations, they vary greatly from airline to airline, and we can only advise you to verify their regulations before traveling.

However, the most frequent specifications for typical airlines are: 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm (22' x 14' x 9') and 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm (22' x 16' x 8') for low-cost flights.

These constraints ensure that your suitcase will easily fit into the spaces above the seats. Don't worry if your luggage is larger than a few millimeters; they are typically flexible and can therefore accept a brief fold for the duration of a journey.

Wheels are available on certain duffel bags. We do not suggest this option since it adds weight to your travel luggage and, in addition to limiting your comfort, certain airlines have weight limitations for carry-on luggage.

Indeed, while few businesses (particularly the big ones) check the weight of your cabin baggage (assuming it is not clearly overweight), low-cost airlines may ask you to place your cabin baggage in the hold if it surpasses a specific weight (again, this point should be checked in advance with your airline).

What all can you fit in a weekend bag?

When it comes to packing for a vacation, it is common to experience a headache. The travel bag is an excellent ally in this approach. To maintain it in shape and to avoid destroying the fabrics, remember to fill it with one or two cushions while it's empty.

To maximize the procedure, after the travel bag is empty, place it on your bed or dining table with the items you wish to bring with you.

Always begin with the heavier objects, such as your shoes (heel against the wall preferably).

Then maybe you can put on your slacks and blouses (jeans, which do not wrinkle, are recommended). They need to be folded up. You seldom fold your clothes in a holdall to save room because the bag is generally spherical.

When stacking your possessions, always arrange them in the direction of the bag, never perpendicular, to optimize the space provided by your travel bag.

Then, always wrap up a couple of T-shirts on top. Choose basic, consistently colored T-shirts that you may wear in a variety of settings. If you want to keep in shape while on vacation, you can bring sports equipment.

Finally, don't forget about socks and underwear; such absences are catastrophic.

In the internal pockets, you may store an iPad, a few books, and your toiletries (which contain only the essentials - toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, and some basic medicines). Finally, place your passports and personal stuff (keys, wallet, phone) on top and in the zip compartments.

It's all great; you're set to travel for the weekends with everything that you need.

6 Best men's leather weekend bag available in the UK

Certain key parameters must be met by the best travel duffel bag available on the market. It must be lightweight, long-lasting, practical, strong, and fashionable.

Forbes and Lewis distinguish out among the many duffle bags available these days as manufacturing high-quality bags constructed of sturdy and premium materials.

The following are the top 5 F & L holdalls available right now. What we like best about our travel bags is that they fall between a canvas backpack and a hard case, making them highly effective and efficient additions.

  • Winchester Holdall- Large:

    The Winchester Holdall is made of smooth tan buffalo leather that has been handcrafted. This classic holdall is ideal for weekend getaways and numerous nights away. Travel in utmost elegance with a separate shoe compartment and baggage tag.

    The 60L capacity will be perfect even if you are planning for a weekend getaway with your partner!

    No place to keep your shoes? Is that why you bring only one pair on your travel? Don’t worry! Our Winchester Holdall - Large has got you covered with a separate shoe compartment.

    The exquisite handmade texture from smooth buffalo leather will provide you with a whole luxury sensation. It improves with age, just like wine! And a natural water-resistant coating to keep raindrops at bay!

    There has a padded laptop pocket for up to a 15-inch Mac, as well as huge inside zip pockets with internal phone, wallet, and pen holders. Along with large compartments, it offers adjustable and detachable shoulder straps to keep your back pain away.

    It contains high-quality metal YKK zips to keep you safe on your travels.
    There is a matching luggage tag where you can write your name or sign it, and the bag is fully lined in cotton mix with leather trim inside to complete it.
    Once you are done traveling you can put the bag inside our F&L signature cotton dust bag!

  • Winchester Holdall- Medium:

    The Winchester Holdall is a passenger's favorite holdall. This vintage holdall is handmade from smooth buffalo leather and is ideal for day travels and nights out. With this quality holdall, you can travel in ultimate luxury.

    The ideal dimensions for carryon baggage is 35 x 50 x 22cm (h x l x w). Put this in the overhead compartment and you won't have to wait in line at the baggage carousel!

    The superb handcrafted texture from smooth buffalo leather, like all of our holdalls, will offer you a whole luxury feel. It becomes better with age, just like wine! Also included is a natural water-resistant covering to keep rainfall at the range!

    If you are planning a no-disturb workcation, this 40l capacity holdall will be ideal. There has a cushioned laptop pocket that can fit up to a 13-inch Mac, as well as large interior zip pockets with phone, wallet, and pen holders. It has big pockets as well as adjustable and detachable shoulder straps to keep your backache distant.

    It has high-quality metal YKK zips to keep you safe when traveling. There is indeed a comparable baggage tag on which you can put your name or sign, and the bag is entirely lined in cotton blend with a leather accent from the inside.

    When you're through with traveling, just place the bag inside our F&L trademark cotton dustbag!

  • Somerset Holdall- Large:

    Vacations in the wilderness and tourism influenced our trademark Somerset Holdall. This traditionally designed weekend holdall is handcrafted from sturdy buffalo leather and is ideal for those nights out. The leather on the Somerset holdall will enhance with wearing!

    It measures 36 x 55 x 25cm, which is suitable for carry-on luggage (h x l x w). Throw it in the overhead bin to avoid having to stand in a queue at the baggage claim!

    Like all of our holdalls, the exceptional handmade quality from smooth buffalo leather will provide you with a total luxury experience. The leather on the Somerset holdall will only be better with usage! A genuine water-resistant coating is also offered to keep rainfall at afar!

    If you're planning a weekend excursion to the outdoors away from the city, this 50-55L capacity holdall will be great. It has a padded laptop pocket that can accommodate a 13- 15.4-inch Mac, as well as spacious internal zip pockets with phone, wallet, and pen holders. For your convenience, it contains large compartments as well as flexible and removable shoulder straps.

    The bag is upholstered fully in cotton mix with interior leather trim. When you return from your long-awaited vacation, just slip the bag inside our F&L signature cotton dust bag!

  • Somerset Holdall- Medium:

    Our Somerset Holdall was prompted by rustic vacations and travel. This classically styled weekend holdall is manufactured from durable buffalo leather and is ideal for a night or long weekend without carrying too much.

    The water-resistant canvas protects your gear from the aspects in the natural surroundings, multiple pockets provide smart space for your job and tech necessities like a padded Laptop pocket designed for 13'' Mac.

    Its modern, sleek design is flexible to all styles and travel scenarios, making it the ideal companion for the modern gentleman out and about.
    For your convenience, it contains large compartments as well as flexible and removable shoulder straps.

    The bag is entirely upholstered in a cotton-blend fabric with an inner leather accent. Simply place the bag within our F&L trademark cotton dust bag when you return from your trip!

  • Bristol Barrel Holdall- Large:

    The Bristol Barrel Holdall is now available in a new Large size, as you asked. This vintage-styled holiday holdall is produced from genuine leather and is ideal for weekend getaways.

    Its dimensions are 35 x 55 x 25cm, making it appropriate for carry-on luggage (h x l x w), and it has a capacity of 50 L, making it ideal for a weekend vacation. Put it in the overhead compartment to prevent having waited in line at the airport!

    The water-resistant canvas safeguards your stuff from elements in the natural environment, and many compartments give clever space with spacious interior zip pockets such as phone and wallet pocket for your wallet, keys, and sanitizers. It also contains open pouches at each end of the bag for easy access.

    It has spacious compartments as well as flexible and removable shoulder straps for your convenience.

    The bag is completely lined in a cotton-blend fabric with an interior leather accent. When you come back from your trip, just store the bag in our F&L distinctive cotton dust bag!

  • Bristol Barrel Holdall- Medium:

    Whether you're going on a business trip or a city vacation, the 33L Bristol Barrel Holdall will meet all of your demands. This Forbes and Lewis creation is one of the greatest weekender bags on the market for its durability alone, but throw in a plethora of thoughtful features and plenty of adaptabilities, and you realize it's a truly outstanding piece of luggage.

    It, like our other holdalls, is carry-on authorized and ideal for day excursions and 1-2 night stays. The outstanding handcrafted quality of smooth buffalo leather, like with all of our holdalls, will give you a whole luxury experience. The Bristol holdall's leather will only get better with use!

    This bag contains a spacious front pocket, as well as a pair of zipped exterior sections, which will be perfect for your shoes.  It is small enough to fit in a carry-on and provides outstanding value for money, as well as flexible and detachable shoulder straps.

    The inside of the bag is coated in a cotton-blend fabric with internal leather detail. When you return from your journey, just place the bag in our F&L signature cotton dust bag!