Why do people prefer leather holdall above Rucksack or Carry on?

Traveling may be a hectic and confusing experience. Having the appropriate luggage may go a long way toward making your travels more comfortable and relaxing. The holdall bag is one of the greatest bags for travel or anything else.

Here are 6 reasons why holdall bags should be your bag of preference.

But, before going into that, I would like to share why not rucksacks for Carry Ons? 

Rucksacks: A big time weight always!

A leather rucksack is also quite handy if you enjoy being outside, whether it is for camping, hunting, or hiking, however you must evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of owning such a product.

Drawbacks first: 

The very first notable point about the leather rucksack is that it is not always well crafted, which is a significant disadvantage of purchasing one. If you've seen inexpensive variations, you will have complained about the lack of reliability in their construction.

Several of them are indeed made in third world countries where poor workers work overtime to create these items, which may even fall apart sooner than you would expect. The zips, handles, straps and quality will be sub par.

You should also verify whether the leather used has been treated or not, as untreated leather will shrink after being wet. That instantly implies that if you're travelling somewhere with a lot of rain, a leather bag like this would be a bad idea.

Lastly, it will be a constant weight on your shoulders with which you cannot travel comfortably.

Advantages later:

The leather rucksack also offers a number of benefits that are worth consideration, which you will realize that most of the advantages are common for all leather bags, most importantly Leather Holdall - our competitor today! 

Durability: The first of which is that it is more durable, as evidenced by the fact that leather has been used for hundreds of years and was already performing admirably before plastics and nylons were discovered.

Style: Furthermore, the leather bag serves to create a stylish statement and is very much in vogue, and there is nothing to beat it if the leather has been correctly maintained.

That’s all.  

Carry Ons: Well, it’s time to move on! 

The scope of your travel will influence whether or not you can pack certain clothes in your carry-on. The most crucial factors to consider are how much you need to pack and whether you're hauling goods that may not be permitted in a carry-on.

Carry-on baggage, while handy, has certain drawbacks. The most obvious issue is one of suitcase size. You have a limited quantity of clothing and other goods that you may bring with you. This makes packing for various occasions difficult: you'll most likely be wearing the same clothes to dinner as you did to go shopping. You'll also be constrained in what you may carry home, so little mementos and presents will suffice.

  • Overhead Storage Issues: Because not all flights have enough overhead bin capacity to keep everyone's carry-on bags, your luggage may have to be checked anyhow.
  • Kids and Carry-ons: If you're travelling with children and utilising carry-on luggage, it's likely that each child has their own carry-on. That's a lot of bags to keep track of, so check-in luggage would be a better option.
  • You'll Always Be Carrying It: You'll be carrying your carry-on throughout your journey, which can be exhausting during long layovers or long walks between boarding gates.
  • Winter woes: If you're going to a chilly region, a carry-on won't have enough room for the heavy apparel you'll need.

Now, I will come back to the main topic of our blog!


Why do people prefer leather holdalls? 

1. Compact Space

Duffle bags provide a lot of capacity for all the clothing, shoes, jeans, and other items you'll need when travelling, but they're also compact enough to conserve space in your car or above your seat on your flight! Being able to fit more also means that you may reduce the number of luggage you need to bring, which is a huge benefit for any vacation plans!


2. Flexibility

While duffle bags may hold a lot, they don't have to take up a lot of room! Take, for example, our F&L Winchester Holdall - Medium! This bag is perfect for day trips and overnight stays, and it's constructed of sturdy leather and canvas, so it's flexible and can fit in narrower areas than standard travel baggage!


3. Durability

Quality Holdall bags are constructed of genuine leather and/or canvas, which implies the bag will be robust and will last a long time. Fabric, on the other hand, has a proclivity for tearing with time. Purchasing Holdall bags such as these will assist you avoid purchasing inexpensive bags that rip and must be replaced after a year or two!

4. Multi-Functionality

When we take another look at our F&L Holdall bags, we can see that it is both functional and attractive! Holdall bags may be used in place of traditional purses and look just as fashionable! Our bag, for example, offers plenty of space for all of your daily necessities, as well as two side pockets on one side and a zipped pocket on the other! In addition to regular use, these bags may be used as adaptable storage when you don't have a box and need to keep anything! These suggestions make the bag useful not only for travel, but also for everyday use!

5. Fashionable

One last glance at our F&L Holdall bags demonstrate that duffle bags may be attractive without sacrificing any of the features and benefits highlighted above! Holdall bags allow you to travel in elegance while also allowing you to pack anything you may need on your trip!


6. Finish

The consistency and texture of the leather should always be the primary consideration when selecting a holdall. Since no two cuts of leather are ever the same, the plain, minimalist concept that underpins each duffle ensures that each customer receives a one-of-a-kind product.

However, customers are advised to care for their Leather holdall on a daily basis by using a dry cloth to extract dust or, alternatively, to invest in a professional cleaning agent for further protection because leather is an organic material. 

Leather holdall bags are an excellent substitute for standard baggage and even other duffel bags. They are long-lasting, adaptable, useful, and stylish! Choosing the appropriate bag may be quite beneficial while travelling and in daily life, and a leather holdall bag is the way to go!